Stenton David Jones Stenton David Jones

Stenton David Jones: A lucky child born in a family of celebrities

Stenton David Jones is one of those fortunate people, who are born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Not just the parents but the grandfather of Stenton David Jones is also a renowned personality. Stenton David Jones is no other than the grandson of English singer and songwriter David Bowie and the son of British film director Duncan Jones.

Not just the family background but today we are going to tell you all the life details of Stenton David Jones. So, get into the details.

Personal life 

Stenton David Jones was born on 10th July 2016 to British celebrity couple Duncan Jones and his wife Rodene Ronquillo. The seven-year-old little boy holds British citizenship like his parents while nothing is available about his religious belief.

Considering the fact that the boy is too young right now, he obviously does not have any love affair. He is a little boy of 7 years old at the moment and enjoying his childhood at the best with his sibling.

Parents and siblings 

Stenton David Jones is the eldest of two children of his parents Duncan Jones and Rodene Ronquillo, who both are professionally successful and renowned celebrities. The father of Stenton David Jones is known to be an acclaimed film director while his mother is a well-known photographer.

Like their professional careers, the parents of Stenton David Jones have been quite successful in their personal lives as well. Since their marriage in 2012, they have been living together happily. Other than Stenton David Jones, they have one daughter and the name of the younger sister of Stenton David Jones is Zowie, who was born two years later in 2018.


With the fact that Stenton David Jones is a little child of only 7 years old, he obviously does not have any kids.

Education and profession

Although the parents of Stenton David Jones are celebrities and remain in the spotlight of the media regularly, they are very private regarding the personal lives of their kids. This is the reason nothing is available about the educational background of Stenton David Jones. If you talk about his professional details, the little boy is, of course, too young right now to start his journey in this aspect of life.

Reason for the popularity of Stenton David Jones

Having been born into the family of such popular celebrities is actually the main reason for the popularity of Stenton David Jones. First, the grandfather of Stenton David Jones and then his father both are renowned personalities and Stenton David Jones is known because of them only.

Net worth of Stenton David Jones

Needless to mention, Stenton David Jones does not have any net worth right now, as he is just a little boy. As for the net worth of his film director father, it stands to be around $70 million at the moment.


Considering the family background of Stenton David Jones, we will not be at all surprised if we see him as a famous star in the glamor industry in the future. He might also choose to make his career in the same industry as his recent ancestors.