Stephen Crisman Stephen Crisman

Stephen Crisman:  A dead personality from America with a successful life

Stephen Crisman was a successful director and producer from America who rose to prominence after getting married to American actress Mariel Hemingway. Their marriage was not happily-ever-after and ended with a divorce but it was enough to boost the popularity of Stephen Crisman.

We are here to discuss the life details of Stephen Crisman starting from his birth to his death. So, read everything in detail.

Personal life 

It’s not like Stephen Crisman was only famous as a celebrity spouse but he himself was a famous personality. However, the details about his early life have not come out to the public. Even the basic information like the name of his parents and his birth date is not known.

Coming to the married life of Stephen Crisman which worked like a boost to the popularity of Stephen Crisman, he got married to American actress Mariel Hemingway in 1984. The couple remained together for more than 25 years but things didn’t work out well in later years of their lives and they decided to part ways in 2009. After his divorce, Stephen Crisman lived for almost 10 more years before dying in December 2019.

Parents and siblings

No doubt Stephen Crisman was a celebrity himself but he never revealed any details about his family background. This is the reason you were unlikely to find anything about the parents of Stephen Crisman.


Stephen Crisman enjoyed marital bliss with Mariel Hemingway for 26 long years and became the father of two lovely daughters named Langley Fox Hemingway and Dree Hemingway, who both are successful American actresses today.

Education and profession 

Here again, we are not really sure about the life details of Stephen Crisman because he never revealed anything about his educational background. As far as the profession of Stephen Crisman is concerned, he was a successful film director and producer.

Reason for the popularity of Stephen Crisman 

With the fact that Stephen Crisman was a successful director and producer, he himself was a reason for his popularity. He never failed to grab the attention of the public whenever he did something big in his career. However, the real booster for the popularity of Stephen Crisman is his ex-spouse, Mariel Hemingway, who is a renowned American actress and also active on social media.

Net worth of Stephen Crisman 

Stephen Crisman was a film director and producer, so it won’t be wrong to say that he was an owner of a good amount of money. However, the exact net worth of Stephen Crisman is not known because he did not make these details public. As for the net worth of his celebrity ex-spouse, Mariel Hemingway, she is estimated to have around 14 million at the moment.


When Stephen Crisman died in 2019, he was not very old. We can say he left the world a little sooner but he achieved really a significant level of success in his life and enjoyed his life peacefully too.