Exploring Potential Replacements for Steve Sarkisian as USC's Head Coach Exploring Potential Replacements for Steve Sarkisian as USC's Head Coach

Exploring Potential Replacements for Steve Sarkisian as USC’s Head Coach


In a surprising turn of events, the University of Southern California (USC) has relieved head coach Steve Sarkisian of his duties. Amidst rumors of alcoholism and a recent leave of absence, Sarkisian’s departure marks the end of a short and tumultuous chapter for the USC football program. As the school seeks to transition beyond this period of turmoil, finding a suitable replacement becomes imperative. This article evaluates five viable candidates who could potentially step into the role and steer USC’s football program back to its former glory.

The Departure of Steve Sarkisian

After a brief tenure marked by high expectations, Sarkisian’s dismissal underscores the need for stability within the USC football program. USC must now focus on rebuilding the team’s reputation and performance, which has lagged behind its Pac-12 counterparts.

A Critical Decision

The search for a new head coach is a pivotal moment for USC’s football program. Given the school’s recent struggles and failed coaching hires, including those after Pete Carroll’s departure in 2010, the importance of this decision cannot be overstated. The next head coach must have the vision and leadership to restore USC’s position as a powerhouse in college football.

Five Potential Candidates

Rather than considering high-profile candidates like Chip Kelly or John Harbaugh, let’s examine five realistic options for USC’s new head coach:

1. Hue Jackson – Offensive Coordinator, Cincinnati Bengals

Jackson, despite his stint as the Oakland Raiders’ head coach, possesses a successful track record in the NFL. His role in transforming the Bengals’ offense into a dominant force highlights his coaching acumen. Furthermore, his familiarity with USC as a former offensive coordinator under John Robinson and Paul Hackett makes him a compelling choice.

2. Mark Richt – Head Coach, University of Georgia

With 15 seasons as the Bulldogs’ head coach, Richt brings experience and stability to the table. While he has faced criticism lately, his ability to consistently recruit top talent cannot be ignored. Richt’s tenure at USC could provide the stability needed to rebuild the program.

3. David Cutcliffe – Head Coach, Duke University

Cutcliffe’s remarkable success at Duke, transforming the Blue Devils’ football program while competing with its basketball legacy, speaks volumes. His track record of turning around struggling programs, along with his experience recruiting top talent, positions him as an intriguing candidate.

4. Mark Hudspeth – Head Coach, University of Louisiana-Lafayette

Considered a lesser-known option, Hudspeth’s success in turning around programs like UL Lafayette and North Alabama showcases his coaching prowess. Often, coaches from smaller institutions bring fresh perspectives and have a history of success when given an opportunity at larger programs.

5. Kyle Whittingham – Head Coach, University of Utah

Whittingham’s consistent success at Utah makes him an attractive candidate. His impressive record, bowl victories, and ability to maintain a strong football program align with USC’s goals. Whittingham’s familiarity with the Pac-12 adds to his appeal.


As USC embarks on its search for a new head coach, it must prioritize stability, leadership, and a strong track record of success. The football program’s resurgence is contingent upon making a well-informed choice that aligns with USC’s values and aspirations. The next head coach will carry the responsibility of restoring the Trojans to their former glory and reaffirming their position as a college football powerhouse.