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Steven Fleischmann Biography and life history

Steven Fleischmann is the husband of the late Erin Moran, an American actress known for her appearance in Happy Days. Steven came into the spotlight in 2017 when he was mourning the death of his wife. He appeared tired, which was due to what he was going through, given that he had lost his wife of more than a decade. Steven was born on June 23, 1967, to Donna Woods and a father whose details have been kept private.

His Marriage with Erin

Steven met Erin in 1992; at the time, Erin was married to her first husband, whom she divorced in 1993 before marrying Steven. The couple was happy and continued enjoying their lives soon after their union. However, sometime in their marriage, Erin changed as she was into drinking and partying.

She never spent time at home; she would go to various parties, enjoy, and drink until it was late. The couple had ups and downs, but Steven never abandoned his wife. Steven’s wife liked partying since things were not working for her; she did not get as many acting roles as she used to, so she decided to spend her time enjoying herself.

During their marriage together, Steven and Erin did not have any children together. It is funny that their relationship lasted for over 15 years, but they never had any children. The couple was not always happy; in 2013, there were rumors that the two would divorce due to their financial troubles, but they remained together until Erin died in 2017.

Steven’s Open Letter

Days after his wife’s death, Steven took to his Facebook page to write an open letter to his wife. In the letter, he mentioned when the two met and how life was for the two in Erin’s last few days. Steven said that a year before Erin’s death, he had noticed a spot of blood on his wife’s pillow, which indicated that her cancer had become severe. After Thanksgiving, Steven started noticing blood day in and day out, so they visited a health facility, and she started chemotherapy.

After she was diagnosed with skin cancer, Steven decided that he would stay by her side and support her in any way he could. On her last day, Erin complained that she was feeling unwell, so Steven got some medication for her. Steven slept by her side that night while holding her hand, and the following day, she was no more.

His Wife

In the 1980s, Steven’s wife had a good life; she could get various acting roles, so finances were never an issue for her. However, in the late 1980s, her acting roles were reduced, and she became depressed. She later started partying and drinking a lot; this ruined her prospects of ever finding her foot again in the acting industry.

By the 2010s, Erin’s money was gone, and she lost her California home. Erin moved in with her mother-in-law, whom she lived with for a while before she and her husband moved to a trailer park. Her last days were not great, but Steven was always beside her.