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Suzanne Bukinik: A celebrity ex-wife living a private life

Suzanne Bukinik is a celebrity ex-spouse from America who is best known because of her ex-husband, Brad Falchuk, who is a famous television writer and director. However, despite having a connection with a celebrity, Suzanne Bukinik maintains a private life and prefers to stay away from the spotlight of the media. However, today we tried to gather information about her life.

So, if you are interested in finding out about early life, family, siblings, education, profession, net worth, love life, children, and other such details about Suzanne Bukinik, read this article further.

Personal life 

Not a single piece of information is available about the early life of Suzanne Bukinik because she herself never bothered to disclose these details. From the names of her parents to her date of birth, everything remains under wraps. Also, nothing is available about the religious beliefs of Suzanne Bukinik.

If we talk about the love life of Suzanne Bukinik, she got married to Brad Falchuk, a famous American television writer and director, in 1994. The couple remained together for the next 19 years before separating in 2013. Thereafter, Suzanne Bukinik has been living alone probably.

Parents and siblings 

We have already told you that the family background of Suzanne Bukinik remains a complete secret because neither Suzanne Bukinik nor her celebrity ex-husband ever talked about her parents as well as siblings.


Suzanne Bukinik enjoyed marital bliss for 19 long years and she welcomed two children, including one son and one daughter in these years. The names of her children are Isabella Falchuk and Brody Falchuk. Apart from the names, nothing is available about the kids of Suzanne Bukinik either.

Education and profession 

Like the family background of Suzanne Bukinik, nothing is available about her educational background as well. If you talk about the profession of Suzanne Bukinik, she is an actress because she has appeared in some TV movies. Though Suzanne Bukinik could not get a giant level of success in her professional career, she still managed to achieve decent success.

Reason for the popularity of Suzanne Bukinik 

This goes without saying that the major reason for the popularity of Suzanne Bukinik is her ex-husband Brad Falchuk, who is a renowned television writer and director. Suzanne Bukinik herself is an actress but she always maintained a low profile and this is the reason she could not get much public attention.

Net worth of Suzanne Bukinik

Considering the fact that Suzanne Bukinik is an actress, it won’t be wrong to assume that she would be earning a good amount of money. However, the exact net worth of Suzanne Bukinik is yet to come out in public. If we talk about the net worth of her ex-spouse, Brad Falchuk, he is said to have around $20 million right now.


Getting separated after being together for 19 long years is definitely difficult but Suzanne Bukinik has managed herself very well in this difficult situation and today is living her life peacefully with her kids.