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Tania Kratt: A happy wife, proud mother, and professionally successful lady

Tania Kratt is an interior architect from the US who is better known to the world for being the wife of American zoologist and educational nature show host Chris Kratt. There is already a lot of information available about the husband of Tania Kratt, so today let’s talk about Tania Kratt herself.

In this article, we will discuss the life details of Tania Kratt including childhood, parents, sibling education, profession, love life, children, and all other such details.

Personal life 

With the fact that Tania Kratt is mainly famous because of her husband, nothing is available about the early life of Tania Kratt. Be it the names of her parents or her date of birth, everything is a mystery about the childhood of Tania Kratt. The only thing we are sure about Tania Kratt is her American citizenship.

Moving on to the love life of Tania Kratt that actually made her popular, Tania Kratt is a happily married woman today and the name of her husband is Chris Kratt, who is an American nature show host, zoologist, and a YouTuber. When they decided to get married it is not known but they are together as of now and enjoying their life beautifully with their kids.

Parents and siblings

Since Tania Kratt has preferred to keep her lips zipped regarding her family background, nothing is known about her parents as well as siblings. From their personal to professional lives, not even a single piece of information is available.


Right now, Tania Kratt is the proud mother of two young sons named Aidan Kratt and Nolan Kratt, who both are actors by profession.

Education and profession

Apparently, no details are available about the educational background of Tania Kratt but we are pretty sure that Tania Kratt is an educated lady because she is an interior architect and designer by profession. She has her own website where you can have all the information about the profession of Tania Kratt.

Reason for the popularity of Tania Kratt 

No doubt Tania Kratt is a professionally successful lady but the primary thing that actually makes her popular as a person is her husband, Chris Kratt, who is a renowned celebrity and amassed giant success as a YouTuber and TV host. In addition to that Tania Kratt is active on social media and this is also a good reason that makes her popular.

Net worth of Tania Kratt 

Well, Tania Kratt has not revealed any information about her earnings and net worth. With the fact that she is a successful interior architect and designer, it is pretty obvious that Tania Kratt must be earning good money. Not just Tania Kratt but her husband is also an owner of a decent amount of money. By 2023, her husband Chris Kratt, is estimated to have around $1 million.


Finding a balance between a personal and professional life is a little difficult thing for a lady but Tania Kratt has done it flawlessly. She had managed her personal life beautifully and achieved good success in her professional career as well.





Some people work hard in their lives so that they can provide a good upbringing to their kids and Viveca Mays is one such lady. She was a struggling artist but she made sure to provide her daughter, Tristin Mays, with all the resources to become an actress. The hard work of Viveca Mays paid off and today she is famous because of her daughter only.

Here, let us tell you all the life details of Viveca Mays such as her early life, family, siblings, education, profession, net worth, love life, children, and other details.

Personal life 

As you already know Viveca Mays herself is not a celebrity but she is a celebrity mother, nothing is available about her early life. From the names of her parents to her birth details, everything is a complete secret to the public.

If we talk about the love life of Viveca Mays, she is a married lady today and the name of her husband is Michael Mays, who served in the US military. The marriage year of Viveca Mays is not known because she never talked about anything but they are believed to have a happy and successful married life.

Parents and siblings 

Not at all any information is available about the parents as well as siblings of Viveca Mays because neither she nor her celebrity daughter ever bothered to talk about these details.


The married life of Viveca Mays has been successful and she became the mother of two kids through this marriage. The names of her kids are Jeryn Mays and Tristin Mays, who are professionally active in the entertainment industry.

Education and profession 

The secretive nature of Viveca Mays has enabled her not to reveal any information about her life. This is the reason getting any information about the educational background of Viveca Mays is not possible. As for profession, she is a former artist. Although she could not gain groundbreaking success in her life.

Reason for the popularity of Viveca Mays 

Viveca Mays was an artist during her young time but she could not become as popular as her daughter, Tristin Mays, who is an American actress right now and is actually the main reason for the popularity of Viveca Mays.

Net worth of Viveca Mays

With the fact that Viveca Mays is a professionally active lady, it can be said without any doubt that she must have earned a handsome amount of money. It is not known to the public though. Given this fact, the exact net worth of Viveca Mays is not known. As Viveca Mays is a celebrity mother and her daughter, Tristin Mays, has a net worth of around 1 million right now, she is enjoying a luxurious life at the moment.


Viveca Mays worked hard all through her life but destiny was not in her favor and she could not achieve that level of success which can make her a celebrity. However, she got to enjoy a kind of celebrity status because of her daughter in the later years of her life.