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Tiko Campbell: Truth About Biography, Relationship, Career And Net Worth


Tiko Frederick Campbell, born on August 7, 1947, in Washington, D.C., is an American author and architect whose life journey has been marked by creativity, family, and a deep connection to the Washington, D.C. area. At 69, he continues to inspire and influence through his diverse talents and rich experiences.

Tiko is known for his creative endeavors and his captivating adventure/sci-fi novel, “The Light in the Stones: …from the tales of Fibonacci.” This work showcases his imaginative storytelling abilities, adding a unique layer to his multifaceted personality.


Tiko Campbell’s family connections have significantly influenced his life story. He was formerly married to the acclaimed author Bebe Moore Campbell, whose literary contributions left a lasting legacy in the literary world. While their marriage is now a part of their history, it reflects chapters of love, companionship, and shared experiences.

As the father of Maia Campbell, a talented actress recognized for her versatility in the entertainment industry, Tiko has played an influential role in shaping his daughter’s career trajectory. His support and guidance likely contributed to her success and growth as an artist.

Additionally, Tiko has a cherished granddaughter, Elizabeth Elisha Gutierrez, who brings joy and warmth to their family bonds. Family ties, both past and present, have been a source of strength and inspiration in Tiko’s life.


Tiko Frederick Campbell’s career has encompassed two distinct yet interconnected fields—architecture and literature. As an architect based in the Washington, D.C. area, he has likely contributed to the city’s physical landscape, designing and shaping structures that enhance urban life. His architectural work may serve as a lasting legacy in the form of buildings and spaces that continue to impact the community.

In literature, Tiko’s creative spirit shines through his adventure/sci-fi novel, “The Light in the Stones: …from the tales of Fibonacci.” This work demonstrates his ability to craft engaging and imaginative stories, adding depth to his career portfolio. Tiko’s dedication to storytelling has allowed him to express his creativity uniquely and captivatingly.

Net Worth

Specific details about Tiko Frederick Campbell’s net worth are not widely publicized. However, given his career as an architect and author and his connections to the entertainment and literary worlds through his former wife and daughter, it is likely that he has achieved financial stability over the years.

Tiko Campbell’s life is a tapestry of creativity, family, and diverse talents. His journey, marked by his architectural contributions, foray into the world of literature, and meaningful relationships with Bebe Moore Campbell, Maia Campbell, and Elizabeth Elisha Gutierrez, is a testament to the power of storytelling and design. As he continues to inspire and influence, Tiko’s legacy remains an inspiring example of a life rich in artistic expression and familial bonds.