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Tom Farley Jr Biography and life history

Tom Farley Jr has gained recognition courtesy of his brother. Nonetheless, he is popular for being the managing director of the Chris Farley Foundation, which focuses on educating the young generation about substance abuse and addiction. Tom Farley Jr is the older brother to the late Chris Farley. Stick around and learn more about Tom Farley Jr and his famous brother.

Biography of Tom Farley Jr

Tom gained recognition thanks to being Chris Farley’s older brother. His brother worked as an actor and a comedian. However, his death in 1997 shocked many people and also spread his popularity. Chris Farley died due to substance abuse.

Tom Farley Jr founded the Chris Farley Foundation as a way of honoring his brother’s death. He remained the president of the foundation till 2012. The foundation focuses on educating the young generation about substance abuse and addiction. The goal is to create awareness of substance abuse and the impacts it has on the victims.

The foundation employed humor to educate the teens as a way of ensuring teens would love the delivery mode and understand the intended message better. Tom Farley is also famous for being the co-author of The Chris Farley Show, a New York Times bestselling biography book that consists of three actings. The book received national media attention, and people were eager to read it.

Education and Career

Tom Farley was born in Madison, Wisconsin. He attended Georgetown University, where he graduated with a degree in Marketing. He then found a career in marketing and communication and worked on it for sixteen years.

He played the role of an executive for most of his career years and worked with numerous companies, offering them financial services, such as global branding. Thanks to the business skills that he gained from his career, Tom managed to build and run The Chris Farley Foundation. He developed a strategic plan that he utilized to enhance branding while leveraging his excellent communication skills.

Tom Farley is known for his funny and engaging mode of communication. He has been invited on different occasions to speak as a public speaker. Fans want to learn more about his experience and take on substance abuse and prevention.

Over the years, Tom’s work has not gone unnoticed. Different magazines have interviewed and featured him in their posts. All these limelight opportunities have enhanced his popularity.

Meet Tom Farley’s Celebrity Brother

Christopher Farley is the late and young brother of Tom Farley Jr. He was born on February 15, 1964, and died on December 18, 1997. Chris was an American comedian and actor. He was known and loved for his loud, comedic, and energetic style. Besides, he was a member of Second City Theatre, based in Chicago.

Chris and his brother were born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin. He had three brothers, Tom Farley, Kevin, and John Farley. He didn’t have any known sisters. Unfortunately, Chris was having issues with substance abuse and addiction. It’s through them that he met his death at the young age of 33 years.