Travis Fimmel Net Worth

Travis Fimmel Net Worth: How Wealthy Is Travis Fimmel?


Travis Fimmel is a 44-year-old Australian actor, who achieved massive heights of success in his career and amassed a great net worth. The reason for the giant net worth of Travis Fimmel is his professional success at a very young age. If you wonder how much net worth he has right now and how he managed to earn it, let us tell you all about it in detail.

Here, we will tell you his total net worth, earning sources, fortune, assets, expenditure on charity, and many other such details. Moreover, we will also cover the personal life of Travis Fimmel briefly.

Net worth of Travis Fimmel

Travis Fimmel is 44 years old today and is at the peak of his career. With this fact, it does not come as a surprise how he managed to accumulate a lucrative net worth of 13 million. Amassing this much net worth was not an easy task for Travis Fimmel. He worked tirelessly for years to achieve it and today he is enjoying a beautiful life.

Main source of earnings

Needless to mention, the main source of income of Travis Fimmel is his acting career. He was only 23 years old when he started his professional acting career in 2002. Since then, he has been earning good money through this profession and living a king-like life.

Additional income streams

Before stepping into the acting industry and achieving success as an actor, Travis Fimmel was a model and he was actively involved in this profession. Given this fact, we hope that he must have made a good amount of money from his modeling career as well.

Asset, fortune, and endorsement 

Travis Fimmel is not an exception to other celebrities when it comes to revealing his personal life details about his assets, fortune, and property. This is why we are unaware of his cars and houses. If we talk about his endorsements, he was a model for Calvin Klein at the beginning of his career. With this sponsorship, he became the first male model in the world to secure a six-figure deal. After that, he was regularly seen in various endorsements.

Travis Fimmel’s expenditure on charity 

Travis Fimmel might be doing charity work privately because there is no information available regarding the same. He himself never bothered to talk about this topic.

Personal life of Travis Fimmel 

Travis Fimmel was born in 1979 in Australia to Chris Fimmel and Jennie Fimmel. His mother worked as an officer for disabled people and his father was a farmer. If you talk about the married life of Travis Fimmel, he is not married as of today. Travis Fimmel had dated many beautiful ladies in his life so far but he could not find the soulmate of his life yet.


Travis Fimmel has really worked hard to accumulate this much net worth at the age of only 44 when many people are still struggling for high-level success. It would be interesting to see how his professional career and net worth go in the future.

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