U.S. Dollar Hits 32-Year High Against Japanese Yen in 2022



In recent times, the U.S. dollar has been displaying remarkable strength, reaching its highest value in 32 years compared to the Japanese Yen. The exchange rate of USD/JPY soared to approximately 149.8, a level not seen since 1990. Moreover, the U.S. Dollar Index (DXY), which assesses the greenback’s strength against other fiat currencies, touched 112.98, hovering close to its multi-decade high achieved in September.

Implications for Risk Assets

The soaring value of the U.S. dollar could potentially have repercussions for risk assets such as cryptocurrencies and stocks, which are priced using the same currency. Foreign investors may find it less favorable to purchase assets denominated in U.S. dollars due to the currency’s strength, affecting their buying power.

The “Long Dollar” Trend

The situation may intensify further, as the Bank of America global fund manager survey revealed that a majority of respondents have adopted a “long dollar” position in the markets. In fact, 64% of participants considered the “long dollar” position as the “most crowded trade.” This trend has been evident since July, with investors flocking to the dollar following aggressive Federal Reserve rate hikes.

Federal Reserve’s Rate Hikes

The Federal Reserve’s policy makers have significantly increased the benchmark federal funds rate by 300 basis points since mid-March, attracting market participants to the greenback. The Federal Open Market Committee is now highly likely, with over 95% odds, to further increase the aforementioned rate by 75 basis points during the upcoming November meeting.

Market Outlook

The prevailing market sentiment indicates a strong inclination towards the U.S. dollar, influenced by the Federal Reserve’s proactive rate adjustments. The November meeting is anticipated to bring about another rate hike, further bolstering the dollar’s position in the global financial landscape.


As the U.S. dollar attains its highest value against the Japanese Yen in over three decades, market dynamics are undergoing significant shifts. The strength of the greenback has far-reaching implications for various risk assets, affecting investment strategies and foreign investors’ purchasing power. The trend of a “long dollar” position among market participants indicates strong confidence in the currency’s stability and potential for further growth. As we look ahead to the November meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee, the global financial landscape remains poised for potential developments driven by the U.S. dollar’s ongoing strength.

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