top 10 AC brands in India top 10 AC brands in India

Unveiling the best models of top 10 AC brands in India

The Indian air conditioning market has many options, including the best models of India’s top 10 AC brands. Every model of a brand is different from each other in terms of specifications, price, variants etc. An air conditioner which satisfies the buyer’s potential requirements and stands updated with technological advancements becomes the best model in the market. Numerous domestic Indian brands as well as foreign companies have launched their new air conditioning models considering the approaching summer season. In this blog, we will dive into the best models known for their technology, specifications, efficiency and durability. The main objective of this blog is to help buyers in their decision-making process for selecting the best Air conditioner.

  • Carrier AI Flexicool Hybrid Jet Inverter Split AC (1.5 ton)

This Carrier 1.5 ton 3 Star Split AC is considered one of the best solutions for medium-sized rooms beating the scorching heat of India. The flexicool inverter mechanism and the variable-speed compressor, which help regulate power requirements based on the heat load, are equipped in it. This helps in efficient energy utilization. Some special features of this air conditioner include hi-grooved copper, 4 fan speeds, a hidden display, stabilizer-less operations, and different modes and functions like auto, dry and sleep. 

  • Carrier AI Flexicool Inverter Split AC (1.5 ton)

An advanced technology-incorporated cooling device, this AC is the epitome of efficiency and innovation. With the usage of flexicool technology, this split AC has the feature of a variable speed compressor. This makes the Carrier brand stand at the apex of the top 10 AC brands in India. This AC also has 4 1 inverter technology which helps users in customizing cooling capacity and also reduces 50% of energy consumption. 

  • Daikin Inverter Split AC (1.5 ton)

This AC offers efficient cooling with an ISEER rating of 5.2 which makes it rank among the top 10 AC brands in India. Medium-sized rooms benefit effectively from this AC for cooling. Not only this, but it also has best-in-class efficiency while helping energy consumption reduction. 

  • Lloyd Inverter Split AC (1 ton)

This split AC 1 ton is a perfect solution for medium-sized rooms. It also has a 5.07 ISEER value which leads to an annual energy consumption of 533.89 units. This AC also encompasses 5-in-1 convertible means, Turbo cool, auto-restart function, 4-way swing etc. 

  • LG AI Dual Inverter Split AC (1.5 ton)

This 1.5-ton AC offers numerous functionalities like an HD filter with dual inverter compressor and guarantees anti-virus protection for efficient performance. Medium-sized rooms are also considered suitable for it. It should also be noted that LG is one of the top 10 AC brands in India

  • LG dual inverter Window AC (1.5 ton)

One of the most flexible window ACs in recent times is the LG dual inverter 5-star model. Some of the key features of this AC include a dual inverter compressor, HD filter guaranteeing anti-virus protection, VIRAAT, Ocean Black shielding, corrosive, Less Gas detection etc. Not only this, but it also has some special features including 6 speed fans, a magic display, auto clean, sleep mode etc. 

  • Voltas Inverter Split AC (1 ton)

This Voltas split AC 1 ton provides reliable cooling and is apt for small-sized rooms. This is highly efficient and suitable for energy saving. Buyers also get a 10-year warranty for compressors. Some of the key features of this AC include LED display, anti-dust coating, turbo mode, dual temperature exhibit and self-diagnosis. 

  • Voltas Fixed Speed Window AC (1 ton)

This split AC 1 ton is one of the most economical ACs for small-sized rooms. Some of the prime features of this AC include an LED display, 44.5dB noise level and stabilizer-less operations. This 1-ton window AC is most efficiently considered to provide comfortable cooling.

  • Samsung WiFi-enabled Inverter Split AC (2-ton)

This split AC is proficient in providing efficient as well as comfortable cooling. This AC can be controlled remotely and with voice commands, thanks to the WiFi technology included in it. Not only this, but it also has special and impressive features like AI auto cooling and Fast cooling. 

  •  Samsung Wind-free Technology Inverter Split AC (1 ton)

This AC has a wind-free mechanism including 23,000 microholes as well as a variable speed inflator. It is one of the effective ACs for living space. It includes R32 refrigerant eventually contributing to the conservation of the ozone layer. 


Which is the best-selling air conditioner type in the Indian market?

Ans. Split-AC is the best seller in the Indian market dominating window ACs as per the reports and statistics.