Virginia Whitelaw, All About Robert Pine’s Mother’s Bio, Family, Career and Net Worth Virginia Whitelaw, All About Robert Pine’s Mother’s Bio, Family, Career and Net Worth

Virginia Whitelaw, All About Robert Pine’s Mother’s Bio, Family, Career and Net Worth

Virginia Whitelaw was a celebrity mother. The late famed person came into the limelight because of her son’s career, which has spanned many decades. Although Virginia has entered the world of darkness, her name remains unknown because of her sons and grandchildren, who have become stars in the entertainment industry.

Virginia Whitelaw was born on October 14, 1919, to Donald Watts Whitelaw and Marie Foster Whitelaw. Her sibling’s details have never been revealed, but she spent her early days in Michigan, USA, with her parents.

Despite her son becoming a famed actor, she preferred a quiet life, avowing the public eye. Because of her privacy, she has never revealed her educational background or career.

Virginia Whitelaw Husband

Virginia Whitelaw was a married woman to a USA attorney. She married Granville Martin Pine, a patent attorney, on September 14, 1940, in Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, when she was only 21.

From the moment Virginia married Martine Pine, she kept her marriage details a secret. She had a son named Robert Pine in 1941, barely a year after she had exchanged vows with her husband. Details of Whitelaw’s marriage remained private, making it challenging to tell if she remained married or divorced.

Who is Virginia Whitelaw’s Son, Robert Pine

Robert Pine is the son of the late celebrity mother. It is unsure if she had other children, but Robert became a public person after he started acting. His diverse skills made him one of the best actors, and as a result, he was featured in numerous roles.

Robert Pine, a New York native, began acting in the 1960s. He was a versatile actor featured in several performances showcasing his effortless transition between comedy and dramatic roles. Because of his adaptability, he solidified his position as one of the best and sought-after Hollywood actors.

Robert Pine gained the limelight after he featured in the television series CHiPs, which aired from 1977 to 1983. After the series, he got other roles in the following years. His career spanned several decades, making memorable performances.

Besides spending most of his time making television shows and films, he was also crucial in supporting various courses. With Robert’s many years in acting, he gathered a handsome amount.

Robert Pine Children

Robert Pine is a proud father whose children have followed in his footsteps. Christopher Whitelaw Pine is Robert’s son, born August 26, 1980. He is famous as Chris Pine and has risen to fame through his roles in various movies and shows.

Robert Pine was married to an actress and acting psychotherapist, making it unsurprising that his children have followed their careers. Katherine Pine is Robert Pine’s other child.

Like her parents and brother, Katherine has started her acting career, featuring in various roles. Considering that Katherine’s parents and brother are also in the entertainment industry, it was not hard for her to blend into the industry.

Is Virginia Whitelaw Alive?

Virginia Whitelaw is not alive as of 2024. The celebrity mother died in 1985 for reasons that her family has never revealed. Her son, grandchildren, and husband survived her.