Edson Jeune Edson Jeune

Who is Edson Jeune?

Edson Jeune is a mental health coach and a ballroom dancer. Edson has been enjoying a quiet life, but he came into the limelight when he married a celebrity, Benita Alexandra. Benita has been enjoying the limelight since she ventured into her career, explaining why people are interested in her matters and that of her ex-partner.

So, is Edson Jeune married to Benita Alexander? Keep reading this guide if you are eager to learn what unfolded in the lovebirds story!

Edson Jeune’s Details

Edson Jeune was born as Edson Ricardo Jeune in 1980. The exact details regarding his birth have remained confidential, but he was born to Luna Germain Jeune and Kesnel Jeune. It is unclear if Edson is the only child in his family because he has maintained a low-key lifestyle away from the limelight.

Edson Jeune got public attention when he announced his marriage to a TV personality, Benita Alexander. The fact that Benita was 14 years older than Edson caused uproar from the public, explaining why many people got interested in knowing his whereabouts.

Edson Jeune’s Family

Edson Jeune was a happy man, and in 2012, he chose to exchange vows with his lover Benita Alexander. Many people had mixed reactions regarding the marriage because of the huge age difference, but the two love birds did not give up.

For Edson and Benita, age was just a number, and they exchanged vows beside the critics. It was so unfortunate that, barely a year later, the marriage had ups and downs that the two lover birds could not reconcile.

Is Edson Jeune and Benita Alexander Together?

According to trusted sources, Edson and Benita did not stay married long. It is believed that Benita had infidelity issues, which ended their marriage. Sources indicate that in 2013, barely a year after Edson and Benita exchanged vows, Benita met a surgeon named Paolo.

Benita expressed that her first meeting with Paolo was love at first sight, and they chose to pursue their feelings. On Christmas Eve of 2013, Paolo surprised Benita with a marriage proposal that excited the TV personality.

The ring that Paolo gave Benita cost over 100k dollars, and they set their wedding in July 2015. Before the two would walk down the aisle, Benita realized Paolo’s proposal was a lie and that he did not love her. Because of the events, the wedding was canceled.

Although Benita and Edson have never discussed their divorce, Benita may have led to the end of their marriage. Moreover, other sources indicate the huge age difference may have contributed to the divorce.

How Many Children Did Edson Jeune and Benita Alexander Have?

During the marriage life, the two lovebirds did not welcome any baby. It is unclear if Edson married later and had any children, but Benita had one child from her previous relationship. Edson loves to live off the limelight, making it hard to tell if he is married now or has any children.