Who is Y. Robert Keith? Who is Y. Robert Keith?

Who is Y. Robert Keith?

Robert Keith is a famous actor from America who came into the limelight for his career as an actor. Keith was a famous movie actor in the 1950s, and his featuring in several films made him a successful and recognized actor.

Among the famous films that he acted in include the role of Kimble’s father in The Fugitive and The Twilight, among others. Despite being a successful actor, he had several marriages in his life, and they resulted in two children.

Y Robert Keith is one of the grandchildren of the famous actor Robert Keith, although not much information about him has been revealed. Although Y. Robert Keith’s father and grandfather were recognized film actors, little is known about Y. Robert Keith’s career.

Y Robert Keith’s Early Life

Robert Keith was born on February 10, 1890, in Fowler, Indiana. Robert grew up in his home town, and he started getting into the film industry after a few years. Because of his dedication and exceptional acting skills, Keith was named one of the wealthiest film actors from Indiana during his time.

Although the actor died in December 1966, he made a name for himself and influenced one of his children to get into the film industry. He had a successful career, and at the time of his death, his net worth was estimated to range between $1 million and $5 million.

Y Robert Keith’s Family

Robert Keith was a family man, and he had several marriages before his death. Keith married his last wife, Dorothy Tierney, on May 10, 1930, and they remained together until the time of his death, although they never had any children together. Prior to his last marriage, he had married Peg Entwistle, Helena Shipman, with whom they shared a child, and Laura Jackson, with whom they had a child.

Keith had his son Brian Keith from his second marriage, and although the marriage ended in divorce, Keith continued to inspire his son to become an actor. Brian was born on November 14, 1921, in Bayonne, New Jersey, and his role in 1961 in The Parent Trap made him famous.

Before Brian Keith ventured into acting, he participated in the Marine Corps during World War II, where he received several Air Medals.

What Killed Y. Robert Keith’s Father

Brian Keith died at the age of 75 as a result of a gunshot wound. It is unclear what caused the gunshot, but the famous actor was laid to rest in the company of his loved ones.

Brian Keith’s Career

Brian Keith was fortunate to have a father who was in the film industry. He acted in several silent films as a child, and with time, he started gaining recognition as an actor of his own. He was famous in 1961 when he acted in The Parent Trap, and he continued showing proneness in many films.

Brian Keith was married three times, and it resulted in seven children from the marriages. Y Robert Keith’s other siblings include Daisy Keith, Michael Keith, Rory Keith, Betty Keith, Barbara Keith and Mimi Keith.