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Nolan Wheaton, Everything About Wil Wheaton’s Son

Wil Wheaton is a talented actor and writer, and his notable work in acting has made his family popular. While Wheaton never got children of his own, he adopted two sons, Nolan and Ryan, from his wife’s previous relationship. The actor revealed that he had developed a strong bond with the boys, and he adopted them to fulfill their request.

Who is Nolan Wheaton?

Nolan Wheaton is a celebrity son who came into the limelight because of his father’s career. Nolan’s father has been acting for many years, and his notable roles have made him a person of interest, including his family’s affairs.

Nola’s birth details have never been disclosed, but it is believed that Wheaton’s wife had the sons from her previous relationship. While little about Nolan’s life is disclosed to the public, his brother Ryan, walked down the aisle, becoming a family man.

Who is Wil Wheaton?

Born as Richard William Wheaton, Wil is a famous American actor and writer. Wheaton had been in the entertainment industry for many years, but, he got a breakthrough when he acted in Star Trek.

Wheaton is believed to have a net worth of $500, 000 and most of it is a result of his career as an actor. His first roles were in the 1980s, and through the years, he has featured in several films, making him established.

Moreover, Wheaton is a blogger and writer, and he has published a few books, helping him get more wealth. He has given his voice to video games.

Nolan’s Mother

Nolan’s mother is called Anna Prince and she came to the limelight as a result of her marriage to American actor, writer, and blogger Wheaton. Anna Prince has never revealed her career to the public, making it hard to estimate her net worth.

Anna Prince must have met the famed actor in the 1990s when they started dating. The couple walked down the aisle in 1999, and they became a family. Anna’s previous husband is unknown, but she had two sons, who were later adopted legally by Wil Wheaton.

Nola’s parents have been going strong they married in 1999, and they spend their time in Arcadia, California.

Who are Wil Wheaton’s Children

Ryan and Nolan Wheaton are the two boys of Wheaton. Wheaton never had children of his own, but he was privileged to be a father to his wife’s biological sons. Wheaton developed a close bond with the boys, and they requested the actor to adopt them.

Wil and his boys have led a quiet life away from the spotlight, making it tough to tell how the young men are doing. However, according to trusted sources, Nolan’s brother walked down the aisle, becoming a family man. For Nolan, little is known about him.

Nolan’s Career

Nolan has been quiet making it hard to tell his career. On the other hand, Nolan’s father has been active in the entertainment industry. Besides acting, he is a writer and blogger, and his voice has been used in video games.