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Will Theron Roth’s Bio, Personal Life and Net Worth

Will Theron Roth is the son of American actress Laurie Metcalf and Matt Roth. Will was born in the United States on November 20, 1993, in a family entrenched in performing arts. Will Theron Roth shares a close bond with his siblings: Zoe Perry, Mae Akins Roth, and Donovan Roth. Will’s birth sign is Scorpio.

Will Theron Roth’s Mother

Will Theron Roth’s mother is Laura Elizabeth Metcalf, famously called Laurie Metcalf. She is an actor born on June 16, 1955, in Carbondale, Illinois, U.S. Her father, James, was Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville’s budget controller until his sudden demise in 1984. On the other hand, Laurie Metcalf’s mother, Libby, worked as a Librarian.

Laurie Metcalf went to Edwardsville High School and later attended Illinois State University. At the University, Will Theron Roth’s mother majored in Theatre, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre in 1976.

Laurie Metcalf is famous for her outstanding roles in movies and Television. Will Theron Roth’s mother married Jeff Perry, Steppenwolf Theatre Company co-founding member in 1983. The two were blessed with a daughter, Zoe Perry.

Will Theron Roth’s Father

Will Theron Roth’s Father is Matthew P. Roth, commonly known as Matt Roth. He is an American actor born on September 15, 1964.

Will Theron Roth’s Father appeared in the TV film Goodnight Sweet Wife: A Murder in Boston (1990), playing the role of Michael Stuart.

He also played the role of Jackie’s abusive boyfriend, Fisher, on Roseanne from 1992-1993. Matth Roth had a relationship with fellow Roseanne cast Laurie Metcalf. The two got Will Theron Roth and a daughter, Mae Akins Roth, via surrogacy.

Will Theron Roth’s Father and his wife, Laurie Metcalf, adopted a son, Donovan Roth, after fostering him in 2006. However, Roth filed for divorce in September 2011 due to irreconcilable differences. Their divorce was finalized in May 2014.

Will Theron Roth’s Sister, Zoe Perry

Will Theron Roth’s Sister, Zoe Perry, is an actress whose first roles were appearances on Roseaane as Jackie Harris, a character that her mother played. However, her parents did not want her to get to acting until adulthood, fearing stress effects.

Will Theron Roth’s Sister was too shy to act in high school. She began acting at Northern Western University.

Will Theron Roth’s Mother’s Career

Will Theron Roth’s Mother, Laurie Metcalf, met future actors like Jeff Perry and Terry Kinney at Illinois State University. Jeff and Terry became Steppenwolf Theatre Company founding members, where Laurie Metcalf started her professional career.

Will Theron Roth’s Mother got a breakthrough after appearing in an American Sitcom, Roseanne. She also landed several film roles in her career, including “A Wedding” and “Making Mr. Right”. However, her most acclaimed film role was the “Lady Bird” in 2017.

Will Theron Roth’s Mother Awards

Will Theron Roth’s Mother, Laurie Metcalf, had a successful career, earning her various accolades. She got national attention thanks to her performance in Roseanne as Jackie Harris and The Corners.

Will Theron Roth’s Mother won four Primetime awards and two Tony Awards. Furthermore, she was nominated for three Golden Globe Awards, an Academy Award, and a BAFTA Award.