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Everything About Yvonne Kerwin, Lance Kerwin’s Wife

Yvonne Kerwin is a lady who came into the limelight because of her husband’s career. Lance Kerwin was Yvonne’s husband, and they spent many years together until the actor passed away in 2023. Although the family never disclosed the reason for his passing, many fans sent their tributes to sympathize with the family.

Yvonne Kerwin has led a private life over the years, explaining why her details have not been made public. Yvonne was brought up by her parents, John and Susan Pedersen.

Who is Yvonne Kerwin?

Yvonne Kerwin came into the limelight because of her marriage to actor Lance Kerwin. Lance and Yvonne walked down the aisle in 1998, sharing four children, before Lance’s tragic passing in 2023.

Yvonne grew up with her siblings, James and Emily, in a small town where she earned her education. More details about her education have not been disclosed, but she must have majored in a  career.

Yvonne Kerwin’s husband had a beautiful story, and many fans remembered him as a child actor. While fans were giving tribute to the actor, one disclosed that the actor was once a drug addict before he reformed and found Christ.

After Lance Kerwin reaffirmed his faith, he became a pastor and led U-Turn for Christ, a drug and alcohol rehabilitation organization. Lance died at 62 years old while serving in the organization, and despite his passing, many have continued to remember him.

Personal Life of Yvonne Kerwin’s Husband

Yvonne’s husband was known for his early roles in the entertainment industry. Lance Kerwin was born and raised in Lake Elsinore, California, on November 6, 1960, and he grew up as a child actor, thanks to his parents.

James’ father was an acting coach who used to bring his son the scripts to read. His mother was a performer and a talent agent later, and they helped shape his career as a child and teenager. While Kerwin was in his teens, he appeared in various TV movies and series. Kerwin was among the leading boy actors of the late seventies.

Kerwin married Kristen Lansdale, and they had a daughter, Savannah Paige. The couple divorced after some time, and Kerwin married Yvonne in 1998. Yvonne remained by Lance’s side for many years, and they had an adorable relationship that resulted in four children.

Yvonne Kerwin’s Career

Yvonne Kerwin was Lance’s wife, but she never revealed her career. She remained by Lance’s side for many years, and it seems she was a house mum who ensured her children’s welfare while her husband was working.

On the other hand, Lance Kerwin was an actor who made headlines in his childhood and teen years. In the 1970s, Lance was one of the top actors and majored in several TV movies. Lance gave up on acting in the 1990s and returned to acting in 2022 while filming The Wind & the Reckoning.

Kerwin worked as a pastor at Calvary Chapel in Kapaa in 2010, and he went on to lead a drug rehabilitation organization. Kerwin and his wife, Yvonne, were in trouble when they looked for state medical assistance in Hawaii while neglecting to report property ownership.